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The benefits to you of using electronic catalogues

You can integrate an electronic catalogue into your procurement system quickly and easily; you can therefore benefit from accurate, up-to-date and personalised product and service information. In addition, an electronic catalogue is the basis for electronic data exchange, which ensures correct transmission of item data (without having to switch media). You can therefore optimise your purchasing and reduce your procurement costs.

The electronic catalogues from the Hoffmann Group

The electronic catalogues from the Hoffmann Group allow you to access more than 100,000 items quickly; these items are classified according to eCl@ss or UNSPSC in order to support your internal release and approval processes. Each electronic catalogue is created separately for each customer and includes detailed product descriptions, images, data sheets, safety data sheets and customer-specific prices:

  • In 18 languages
  • More than 100,000 items
  • In all commonly used formats (BMEcat, CIF, CSV, XLSX, txt)
  • With eCl@ss or UNSPSC classification

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