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3M is a global scientific and innovative company. With our knowledge and our corporate culture, which we call 3M Science, we develop constantly new products that improve people's lives in many different ways. Our motto: 3M Science. Applied to Life. ™ runs right through our work and in this presentation we would like to introduce you what behind 3M Science is. With over 55,000 products and 25,000 patents, the multi-technology company 3M is one of the most innovative companies in the world.

Custom Solutions for Metalworking Industries

Fabricated Metals | Heavy Manufacturing (IM&E) | Transportation

3M Metalworking Solutions give your workforce the power, protection, and confidence to deliver on quality, even in the toughest environments.

Metalworking Segments:

  • Fabricated Metals: Subsectors including forging, rolling, pressing and forming metal for manufacturing
  • Heavy Machinery (IM&E): This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial and commercial machinery.​
  • Transportation: Sector produces equipment for transporting people and goods. Companies in this segment utilize production processes similar to those of other machinery manufacturing.​

1. Welding, cutting and grinding

"Making work easier, safer and more comfortable."


Weld grinding is an important step in any metalworking process. Cleanly removing the excess weld metal requires an abrasive that can be used both quickly and carefully. Fortunately, 3M has weld grinding solutions for every project and skill level.

Protect your metalworkers’ eyes, ears and lungs with the latest advances in worker safety products.


At 3M, we offer abrasives discs and wheels that will cut fast, and also run smooth and stay sharp longer. That means you can get a fast clean looking cut without needing to stop and change abrasives often.


Metal grinding is the backbone of any modern metalworking operation. Whether you’re shaping large metal parts or removing ugly welds, 3M has the tools you need. We offer a range of solutions, including bench grinding wheels, discs for hand-held tools, parts for large production grinders and everything in between. With the right grinding products we can help you meet your metalworking demands – and get your parts into shape.

3M Gitternetz Schleifscheibe Xtract

3M Xtract™ Cubitron™ II Net Disc – virtually dust-free grinding

Go for performance.
Leave the dust behind.

Dust extraction meets industry-leading cutting performance in the 3M Xtract™ Cubitron™ II Net Disc 710W . This premium net disc features a unique abrasive pattern on a net backing, which allows virtually dust-free grinding using the legendary 3M Precision-Shaped Grain technology. Machine more parts per disc with less dust in your surroundings – greater productivity without jeopardising your employees’s health.

Revolutionary grinding technology

By combining legendary 3M Precision-Shaped Grain technology with a net backing, the 3M Xtract™ Cubitron™ II Net Disc 710W achieves an industry-leading material removal rates while allowing for virtually dust-free grinding.

Virtually dust-free grinding

Clean workspaces are safe workspaces. The 3M Xtract™ Cubitron™ II Net Disc 710W extracts more than 95% of the dust produced during grinding, reduces exposure to airborne particles and creates a healthier, virtually dust-free work environment.

2. Bonding & Assembly Solutions

Looking for solutions to bonding and assembly challenges? Across industries, applications, and substrates, 3M offers a wide range of bonding products that can improve product design and make assembly processes more efficient.

3. Finishing

Smooth metal surfaces while keeping part geometry intact. Striking a balance between strength and finesse, 3M offers a versatile set of metal finishing abrasive products and advanced ceramics to help you blend, prep and perfect.

4. Lane marking & hazard warning

A tape for every job. Whether you’re marking a wall, a pipe, or a loading dock, 3M has the right product durability, flexibility and vibrant colour you need to help maximize your workflow, safety and factory or warehouse appearance.

5. Maintenance & repair

Built to stick. Whether your surface is smooth and refined, or rough and rugged; whether your job is for one hour or one year, 3M’s portfolio of maintenance, repair & sealing tapes meets the industrial demands for sealing, repairing, bundling, coding or fixing in heavy duty or non-critical applications.

6. Protecting Metalworkers

Protect your metalworkers’ eyes, ears and lungs with the latest advances in worker safety products. High-quality, comfortable and cost?efficient, our protection gear is supported by exceptional technical expertise and customer service.

7. Range of application

Tapes and adhesives

Across many industries, applications and substrates, 3M offers a broad portfolio of tapes, adhesives and sealing compounds that make it easier for you to find the right solution for your problem.


3M abrasives form the basis of perfect painting results. The range includes grinding wheels and strips as well as various hand-held abrasives for dry and wet grinding. Choosing the right abrasive is crucial for a perfect result in auto repair. Regardless of whether you are preparing, sanding the filler or fine sanding before painting, our range of high-quality abrasives is designed to help you achieve the desired results safely and efficiently!

Hearing protection

3M is a worldwide leading provider for sound and noise measurement, hearing protection, sealing seat testing and delivers simple, comprehensive solutions even with complex requirements for hearing and sound protection. Check noise prevention!!


Dust and dirt in the air are often visible, but there are many particles that threaten the respiratory tract and are not visible to the naked eye.Here you will find step-by-step aid for the respiratory protection.

Eye protection

3M's wide range of safety goggles offers high quality eye protection with an optimal balance of comfort, protection and fashionable design. Our engineers have worked hard to ensure that the comfort and style of our safety glasses are in no way inferior to protection.

Fall protection

Whether you work at height or on the ground, your everyday work is individual. We help you to increase work safety and live healthier. Manage gravity with 3M Fall Protection.

Head and face protection

These products are designed for all-day comfort and visibility, and some models serve as stable "frames" for other personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hearing protection.3M has broken new ground in product design for head and face protection. Lightweight designs equip a head protection or protective helmets from 3M with revolutionary comfort and maximum functional stability.The products can be easily combined with other PPE.

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