Compliance with legislation, Policies and voluntary codes at Hoffmann SE

As Europe’s leading system partner for quality tools, our corporate culture is shaped by the principle of fair competition. Hoffmann SE operates its business legally and with integrity. We believe that clear and convincing values are a prerequisite for commercial success, and for a positive, sustainable future.

“Transparency, compliance and integrity are crucial components of our corporate culture. They provide the basis for everything we do at Hoffmann SE. Our ambition is that the decisions we take will be in accordance with legislation, internal regulations and our values. Acting in accordance with these rules is the only way we can achieve sustainable success as a company.”

Martin Reichenecker

What is compliance?

Compliance means adherence to legal regulations and the company's internal rules. This includes both legislation and official regulations, and the rules the company has set itself, for example how we deal with gifts or invitations.

Hoffmann SE Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct provides guidelines for Hoffmann SE’s bodies, senior managers and employees in their professional environment. It is based on integrity, fair and ethical behaviour, and conservation of the environment. It is an important element in the sustainable positive development of Hoffmann in a constantly changing international environment.

Download Code of Conduct (PDF)

German Supply Chain Act (LkSG)

Hoffmann SE is committed to taking corporate responsibility for human and environmental rights in the supply chain.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

Just as Hoffmann SE’s behaviour is governed by compliance, the same is expected from suppliers. Every supplier is required to agree to the principles set out in the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Download Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)

Reporting violations

You can submit reports of violations or suspected violations of legal regulations and/or Policies and other rules by post, by e-mail or using the whistleblower portal.
This also includes indications on human rights or environmental risks as well as legal violations along our global supply chain.

A Whistleblower will not be disadvantaged in any way by submitting a report, provided that report is made in good faith. Reports should be submitted to the best of the individual’s knowledge and belief. However, any person raising frivolous or knowingly false unjustified allegations and accusations will face consequences.

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