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The Hoffmann Group Connected Tools Platform (HCT)

Optimise processes with Bluetooth®-enabled tools

Do you still write your measurement data on a piece of paper and put it in a folder or do you manually type measurement data into the computer? The open HCT platform makes this a thing of the past! HCT uses state-of-the-art Bluetooth®-enabled tools and innovative apps to automatically transfer measurement data to smartphones, tablets and computers, meaning you can work faster, more effectively, and more accurately than before. Discover Hoffmann Group Connected Tools today!

Here's how it works:

Measurement data is precisely collected and stored with the Bluetooth®-enabled tools. The measurement data can then be transferred to a computer, tablet or smartphone wirelessly. Save valuable time when transferring, checking and recording your measurement data thanks to the very straightforward application. If you want to make your production processes even more efficient, you can add a number of useful functions to your HCT tools with our HCT apps.

HCT revolutionises your measurement processes

Zeitersparnis dank einfacher Dokumentation


Simple recording of information saves time. At the push of a button, the measuring result is transmitted directly to your application (such as Excel or Word) or to the app. From there, you export the test report directly to your database.

Mehr Bewegungsfreiheit


More freedom to move. No more annoying data transmission cables thanks to Bluetooth® technology.

Höchste Zuverlässigkeit


The utmost reliability, without reading errors or transmission errors.

The right solution for every application

Andreas, Head of Work Planning

"I want to make the measurement processes in a production line more efficient and record measured data reliably. I don't need a full system costing thousands of euros for that. I'm looking for simple software which features worker guidance and the option to automatically transfer all device settings and measuring results to the computer, or for a direct transfer to a CAQ system (using standard protocols and data formats)."

Stefan, Foreman

"I want to keep track of things and organise multiple tool groups quickly and easily from my smartphone. I also want to set up different tools on my smartphone and get all the measurement data on my smartphone, simply and clearly."

Heinz, Master Measurement Technician

"I want to take a measurement and I have to record it digitally. But I'm not familiar with all this new-fangled stuff. I want to get started right away and take the measurement quickly and easily, the same as usual."

Verena, Quality Assurance

"Since cables interfere with the acquisition of measured data, we want to switch over to wireless solutions in the Quality Control department. However, the production process must not change as we use CAQ software – it took a long time to set it up and train all employees. Therefore, smooth and gradual integration using standard file formats and interfaces is essential."

Bluetooth®-enabled tools (can be used for at least one of the requirements)

Get to know selected HCT products in detail

GARANT Elektronischer Drehmoment-/Drehwinkelschlüssel HCT

Torque drive tools

GARANT Electronic torque / rotational angle wrench HCT

HOLEX Elektronischer Drehmomentschlüssel HCT

Torque drive tools

HOLEX Electronic torque wrench HCT


Torque drive tools

GARANT Electronic torque analyser HCT

GARANT Surface roughness ​measuring instrument HCT ST2

Measurement technology

GARANT Roughness measuring instrument ST2

Customer story: EVUM Motors drives the digitalisation of their quality management with HCT

"In quality management, we use the Bluetooth-capable GARANT torque/rotational angle wrenches HCT from the Hoffmann Group. These offer us outstanding functions, at an unbeatable price-performance ratio." says Gregor Fischer, production planner at electric commercial vehicle manufacturer EVUM Motors.

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HCT apps make your processes better and more efficient

The HCT Mobile app and the HCT Windows app allow you to add a host of additional features to your Bluetooth®-enabled tool. This means that processes are integrated into your production flow even more efficiently and your company’s standard of quality greatly improves.

The apps offer you many benefits:

  • Clarity: One app for multiple tool groups.
  • Ease of use: Tools can be operated and adjusted via the app.
  • Save time: Automatically record the measurement values.
  • Organisation: List and manage your tools via the app in the future.

The Hoffmann Group is promoting digitalisation in the tooling sector through Hoffmann Group Connected Tools (HCT). The group received the German Innovation Award 2021 for the open HCT platform.

German Innovation Award GARANT

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