MARTOR safety knives and cutting tools: the safe way to achieve better cutting results

The problem: cutting accidents

As the saying goes, you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. Unfortunately, a similar sentiment applies to cutting tasks as well – you cannot cut materials without incurring the risk of injuries. They are a painful experience for the injured employee and a costly affair for the employer. Cutting accidents are almost always caused by sub-optimal, unsafe work knives.

43,000 accidents

This is approximately how many knife-related “work accidents with mandatory reporting” there were in 2019 in
Germany (source: German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), 2020).


More than half of all accidents at work involving hand tools are caused by work knives (generally sub-optimal, unsafe knives) (source: German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), 2020).

7.4 days

Each knife-related accident at work leads to 7.4 days off sick on average (source: German Social Accident Insurance institution for the foodstuffs and catering industry, 2016).

500 euros

For the employer, every missed day costs approx. 500 euros on average.

The solution: MARTOR safety knives

With MARTOR, based in Solingen in Germany, we’re delighted to be able to provide the definitive problem-solver for this issue as part of our range. MARTOR is the leading international manufacturer and provider of high-quality safety knives. They are called “safety knives” because they come equipped with reliable safety features to protect against cutting accidents.

Whether it’s fully automatic blade retraction, concealed blades or safe blade changes – with its GS-certified safety knives, MARTOR sets a benchmark for occupational safety standards. A modern, user-friendly design and improved ergonomics also play a key role for MARTOR.

To the MARTOR safety knives

The MARTOR safety features


Concealed blade = the highest level of safety

The blade is not open, rather it is shielded from people and goods. This provides maximum safety against cuts and damage to goods.


Fully automatic blade retraction = enhanced safety

The intelligent cutting tool: as soon as the blade exits the cut material it automatically retracts into the handle without you needing to do anything. We call this “enhanced safety”.


Automatic blade retraction = high level of safety

Thumbs up – for a high level of safety. As soon as you start cutting, release the slide. This allows the blade to retract automatically back into the handle as soon as you finish the cut.

The award-winning MARTOR SECUMAX 350

The multi-award-winning MARTOR SECUMAX 350 safety knife offers maximum comfort and safety when cutting.

  1. 2-in-1 blade head for cutting and scoring
  2. Comfortable soft-grip and ribbed surfaces
  3. Blade store with replacement blade
  4. Eyelet for attachment and transportation
  5. Pointed nose for piercing into the material
  6. Concealed blade providing maximum protection for people and goods
  7. Ergonomically shaped; suitable for left and right-handed users


Cutting types: how to cut correctly using MARTOR safety knives

Removing films

Pallets are normally covered in wrapping/shrink-wrapping. Cutting tools with a concealed blade that protect both you and the packed goods are ideal for removing it.

MARTOR film knives usually have a pointed nose, which can be used to pierce into the material to be cut. Alternatively, you can use your free hand to gather the film at the top, thus creating a starting point for cutting.

Cutting windows

Cutting a window is recommended if you want to keep the shipping box for storage. In this case you do not open the box at the top, but cut a large opening into the side. You can easily and comfortably remove your goods through this “window”.

Cutting plastic strapping

Plastic strapping is used to reinforce boxes containing especially heavy loads. You will most probably have to deal with strapping of varying strength and quality. The more robust it is, the more it is recommended to cut the strapping at an angle of 45°.

MARTOR blade matrix

You can download an overview of the available blades for each cutting tool here:

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